Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Climbing Vazir Pinnacle (450ft)

Checking the ropes, harness, carabiner and all the technical equipments right, we were set to unleash one of the pinnacles in the Mahuli range in Thane district. On Sunday, we left Pune at 11am to Vandre village the foothills of Mahuli range after collecting necessary food items and vital information of the pinnacle which were crucial for the accomplishment of the task. After having a hefty dinner at night and a much needed rest we started marching on our limbs with a guide before the dawn towards the climbing base of Vajir pinnacle the next day. The area being deprived of water we needed to ensure that we carried enough of it from the village itself.

The next most difficult task ahead of us was to teach the guide to operate camera and capture some pics of ours during the climb. After an hour or so Mr. Baban Kengavde our guide who took the initiative to learn it was firm that he would click nice snaps for us and that we now focus on our task. Soon we geared up ourselves, marked the route of climb and then we just headed for it.

The climb was quite enduring since the route was set through a monotonous overhang and a roof of 25ft of the total height of the pinnacle which was 450ft.The climbing pitch was divided into 4 stations and loose scree of 25ft near the summit. Clinching on our nerves at some moves at exposure to a valley of 2000ft increasing with each step above the other we made it to the summit at around 12.30pm.

We were quite overwhelmed with the accomplishment of our task and just hug each other before we yelled the climbing call 'Summit Summit Summit'. Looking at the great panorama of Mahuli range pinnacles from the summit our quenched thirst of climbing once again surged to go on for another one. The unusual perception that time was tickling and we had no other option then to capture our memories right on the LCD screen from the lens and abseil down to meet our guide and thank him for his extraordinary effort.

- Harshad Rao & Ajay More

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giripremi announces "Pune Everest - 2012"

Dear Giripremi,
Wish you a very happy New year 2011.
Giripremi welcomes new year with an ultimate resolution ...please read

On 3rd Jan 2011, in the presence of 76 mountaineers from across the mountaineering clubs in Pune, Giripremi announced its utmost ambitious expedition to world's highest mountain in 2012 . This meeting held in G. L Apate Hall, Pune. 76 members including senior mountaineers, upcoming mountaineers and supporters attended the meeting. Agenda of these meeting was to inform and involve the mountaineers from Pune in this mega project and seek suggestions, ideas and support required for the same.

In this informal meet, various aspects like fund raising, member training, coordination, decentralizing of work, equipment planning were discussed. The main challenge of this expedition is raising the huge funds. We discussed various ideas on fund raising and soon final plan will be out. Soon next meeting will be announced to update with the progress. Also, importaly President Mr Anand Palande declared that Senior Mountaineer and co-ordinator of Giripremi Mr Umesh Zirpe will be the leader for "Pune Everest -2012".

We have recieved a strong support from the attendees of the meeting. This expedition is of every mountaineer and all are welcome to volunteer in planning and execution of this gigantic task. If you wish to participate in any planning activity like fund raising, publicity, execution or anything of importance. Please write to us at (Please mention Everest: subject line of you communication)
Alternately, you can contact following personnels for any help, suggestion, participation etc:
Mr Niranjan Palsule - 9850514380
Mr Avinash Kandekar - 9881234502
(Please feel free to circulate this mail among the mountaineers and adventer lovers and supporters who might be interested inthis project)

Best Regards,
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mt Nun 2010

Giripremi team scaled Mt. Nun 7135Mtrs (23,409 ft) on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010.

The Expedition was arranged by Giripremi, Pune. Team had left from pune on 8th July. Long drive of about 300 Kms from Leh, 2 days approch march to the base camp, lot of soft snow, cold winds, extreme bad weather during mountain days were few of the challenges. Other challenges include moving 1200kg of load from road head to base camp, opening the route, staying fit physically and mentally and of course climbing above 7000mtrs. Rupesh Khopade(leader), Bhushan Harshe (dy leader), Anand Mali, Tekraj Adhikari and Chetan Ketkar are the summitters.
Rahul Yelange reached to the high camps but had to give up summit bid as he was not keeping well on the summit day. Girish Chowdhari went up to ABC at an altitude of 17,500ft and returned as his approved vacation leave was over. Ajit Tate, managed the base camp of the team at an altitude of 15,500ft. He is still with the Team. Umesh zirpe and Paresh Naik accompanied the team from Leh to Base Camp mainly to help the team with the logistics (photos). Along with the Giripremi team the three Sherpas Gyalbo Sherpa (Uttarkashi), Pasang (Uttarkashi) and Ming Temba (Rimo Expeditions, Leh) reached to the summit.
Rupesh Khopde reached Shrinagar today (6th Aug) morning from mountains to share the news. He will be reaching Pune today evening. Everyone in the team is reported to be fit and fine. After long time since Satopanth (7075Mtrs) was climbed in 1992, Giripremi once again has got success on a peak above 7000mtrs and we consider it as an achievements. The logistic support for the expedition was given by a well known local agency in Leh "Rimo Expedition".
I take this opportunity to thank Chewang Motup and Yangdu Gombu of Rimo expeditions for the support they have extended to the Expedition

Looking at the conditions in Leh due to heavy rains its hard to estimate the time the team will arrive in Pune. We will keep you posted with the update on that.
I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Mr. Muffaddar Lokhandwala of 'Sports Equipments (INDIA)', Wildcraft Pvt Ltd., Mr. Ravindra Lunkad, Mr. Surendra Dugad, Mr. Milind Kirtane of 'Pegasus institute for excellance', Mr. Ghaisas (Minilake), Mr Rajeev Page, Mr Chandan Chavan,
CottonKin Pvt. Ltd. and all the supporters and well wisher without which this gigantic task would not have been possible.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mt. Shivling 2007

9th June 2007: Our adrenalin kept rushing upwards, heartbeats kept pounding faster and heavier, a feeling of joy and achievement was embracing us, as we were moving inch by inch towards the peak. As the time machines ticked 2.15 PM, we were at the top of the world with our feet firmly on the summit of Mt. Shivling, 6510 meters above sea level. We did it. As chilly winds blew, standing atop Shiva’s abode with a backdrop of snowcapped Himalayan ranges was a moment to cherish for life time. That was the moment we were waiting for the last two years. Mt. Shivling, one of the world’s most beautiful and famous peaks, the towering sentinel to the Gangotri Glacier and the holy source of the River Ganges, is visited by number of climbers from all over the world every year. The technical difficulties involved during the journey and the dangers of avalanches during the ascent, give it the name — “Dream Mountain”. It becomes a forbidden fruit to even some of the best mountaineers of the world. It was a grand dream. A dream which was not only the tallest in our lives, but also extremely dangerous to realize. But we were stouthearts. After leaving Pune on 15 May, we established our base camp at Tapovan (4600 meters) on 21 May. It snowed heavily on 24th May (around 2ft). With such heavy snowfall there were chances of sliding and avalanches. Still we traveled to the advance base camp (ABC) on 25 May. Thereafter, as lady luck shined on us, the weather became favorable and we steadily progressed on our journey. We kept advancing from Camp1 to Camp 2, and finally the summit camp (4th June). The route from Camp 2 to Camp 3 was tough and treacherous. There were three stages of tough rock climbing (called as Chimney). At these stages there was a drop of 5,000ft. Any object dislodged from this point would have hit the ABC. No need to say what would happen thereafter. After the summit camp, climbing the “Ice Wall” was the toughest. It was a 300 ft. wall slightly overhanging (at 100 degrees). Taking on this portion at an altitude of 6000 meters was extremely difficult. At this altitude, because of the deficiency of oxygen in the environment, human efficiency goes down to 75%. Three days of tiring and exhaustive efforts opened the wall for us and ultimately we were on top of it. From the “Ice Wall” to summit was a ramp of ice of 70 degree gradient. Finally we reached the summit completely exhausted. The journey demanded excessive physical hardships and mental strength.During this expedition we faced various difficulties such as extreme cold conditions (subzero temperatures) in the morning and extreme hot (more than 45 degree Celsius) in the afternoon, low oxygen conditions, avalanches, heavy snowfall, etc. But with the blessings of the Almighty and well wishes of supporters we made it safely. There was heavy snowfall when we left the base camp. Rest of the days, the weather was clear and made favorable indications. In the Himalayan region, such a clear weather is a miracle and when we returned to the base camp again after summit, the whether started worsening. We find ourselves so lucky for such favorable conditions. Thank you God!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Giripremi Film Show and Prize distribution

On 12th June Giripremi had arranged a mountaineering film show. Films of various successful expeditions organized b giripremi were screened. The objective of the show was to spread awareness about mountaineering among the young generation and to showcase the achievements of the club.

Also, Giripremi awarded prizes to mountaineers from the club for their achievements in the various expeditions.

Welcome to Giripremi Blog

About Giripremi!!!

Giripremi is one of the pioneer mountaineering club in India. This club was founded by stalwarts Smt. Ushaprabha Page and Shri. Anand Palande. in 1982.
We are proud to state that during the span of more than 25 years, our club members have climbed various snow clad peaks and our activities also include scaling of unclimbed walls and pinnacles in Sahyadri. Giripremi members participated in first ever 'Indian Civil Everest Expedition-1998', a milestone to be proud of.
In the recent past Giripremi members have climbed Mt. Shivling [6543mtr.]. This is the first civilian successful attempt to Mt. Shivling. After that Giripremi members have scaled many technical peaks in Garhwal Himahalaya namely, Mt. Srikanta [6133mtr.], Mt. Jaonli [6632mtr.]. Giripremi successfully conducted pre-winter expedition to Mt. Friendship [5286mtr.]. Also, Giripremi members successfully completed 560 km high altitude mountain biking expedition from Manali to Khardungla.
Some of the achievements of Giripremi are as follows:
• 1982 Mt. Leopargial (6791 m)
• 1983 Mt. Mana (7232 m)
• 1984 Mt. Bidhan (6510 m)
• 1985 Mt. Sri Kailas (6855 m)
• 1986 Mt. Deoban (6855 m)
• 1987 Mt. Chaturangi (6002 m)
• 1987 Mt. Priyadarshini (5250 m)
• 1988 Unnamed peak in Meru Glacier (5955 m)
• 1989 Mt. Manda (6511 m)
• 1990 Mt. Parcha Kangri (5855 m)
• 1991 Mt. Manda (6511 m)
• 1991 Mt. Bhrigu Parbat (5950 m)
• 1992 Mt. Satopanth (6970 m), First Indian Successful Civilian Expedition
• 1995 Mt. Thelu (6005 m) 1998 Mt. Friendship (5190 m)
• 1998 Mt. Everest (8850 m) Nepal, First Indian Successful Civilian Expedition with members from GIRIPREMI.
• 1998 Mt. Kag Bhushandi (5760 m)
• 2002 Mt. Sudarshan Parbat (6507 m), First Indian Successful Civilian Expedition
• 2004 Mt. Deo Tibba (6001 m), from south-west ridge.
• 2007 Mt. Shivling (6443 m), First Indian Successful Civilian Expedition
• 2007 Mt. Bhagirathi-2 (6512 m)
• 2008 Mt. Srikanta (6728 m)
• 2009 Mt. Jaonli (6632 m)

In addition to this many serious Rock-climbs in the Sahyadris have been successfully completed by our members under the banner of AAROHAK. Some of the prominent achievements are: Lingana, Dangya, Khada Parshi, Visapur fort walls, Duke’s Nose, Tel-Bela, Baan, Arhter seat, Scottish Kada, Dhakoba, Kundalika, Katra-Kada, Shail-Kada, Pader Fort, Navaji Pinnacle, Andharban Pinnacle, Madangad rock face, and Naptha.


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